a single bird

Today is a very special birthday in my life. My daughter Coco Madalena was born on this day in 2005. She was born prematurely, with a serious heart defect, and she was surrounded with love. She died in January 2006. I wrote this poem in 2007 remembering her.

These streets are named for you
But they are empty
Waiting for your voice
Your touch, your soft skin, your cry,
Your tender body

A single bird in a sky full of birds
Touches infinity
And knows nothing of it
I know you are beyond that sky
I know you have also touched the infinite

Where did we leave off?
Tiny fingers
Little wrinkles on your knuckles
Small hands in the hand of God

And I cannot walk these streets
Without waiting for you
But I will come, you know I will
And you will greet me
(June 2007)

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