Education’s end

The Greeks they knew
a thing or two
of togas and fine wine,
but more than this
they found their bliss
debating all the time.

For Socrates
he could not sneeze
and not make headline news,
and dialogues
with pedagogues
no Greek could dare refuse.

But do we see
their legacy
is with us still today?
Though faint and quaint
please say it ‘aint
about to fade away.

Because, you see,
“it’s Greek to me”
can be something to crave,
for rhetoric’s
a finer pick,
and virtue for the brave.

So then can we,
with eyes to see,
traverse the centuries,
and turn to face
with full embrace
norms and nobility?

What do we need
our souls to feed
to nourish and to thrive?
To love what’s true,
and stories too,
where heroes come alive.

And even more,
from virtue’s store,
we must not hesitate
to seek the good
as servants should
no matter what our fate.

For it’s the heart
we set apart
as education’s end;
a heart that beats
and is complete
and makes us truly men.

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