Education’s compass

Go push aside the fangled claims
That clutter up your Thoughts
With modern fashions, modern aims,
And trade what is for oughts;

For it’s in Loving what is Right,
And Seeking what is True,
That binds us to a Finer Light
Illumined with Virtue.

Yet can we make ourselves decamp
That world which holds us tight,
A world postmodern, fragmented,
A world where man’s a blight?

Creation’s Compass is our guide
—a rose constant and Real—
Aligned to Heaven’s cardinals:
The Word’s grace-full appeal.

And thus we know the Soul’s Delight
Must surely take the day,
Yet still my friend keep on in Hope,
Hold fast to Love, and Pray.

This life we live is but a day
Against a Future Grand,
And yet Eternity is found
Right here, right now, at hand.

So aim your compass to that Mark
You know will stand the Test,
The test that shows us what we are
Because it seeks what’s Best—

Not with a declination false,
Nor with the points askew;
But compass made with Wisdom’s Goal,
Born from a lodestone True.

Then with that compass in your Heart
Which points to things Above,
Take up your student’s tender Souls
And guide them to that Love.


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