come kingdom…

Experience shews us that every beast doth act in oppression and cruelty, towards such creatures, as he can master at advantage. And thus doth the flesh of man, which is the King of beasts: For when the wisdome and power of the flesh raigns, which in deed is Adam, that man that appeared first to rule the earth, man-kinde, and by his un-righteousnesse makes it a land of barrennesse: For this first Adam is such a selfish power, that he seeks to compasse all the creatures of the earth into his own coveteous hands, to make himself a Lord, and all other his slaves.

~ Gerrard Winstanley, The New Law of Righteousness (1649)

Christians look forward to the return of Jesus, the Christ, who will establish his kingdom where lion and lamb will live in harmony, swords will be refashioned into plowshares, and “barrennesse” will be replaced with abundance  We Christians want that kingdom to come in fullness sooner than later. We desire for Christ to be Lord and not man. We know it is the final and truest answer to the suffering in this world. But we also know that kingdom has already come in a profound, challenging, and very real sense. We are called to follow Christ. That is our claim if we call ourselves Christians. To do so is to live in and live out the truth of that kingdom here and now. The alternative is to remain slaves of each other and ourselves.


  1. As I have been wrestling with the political situation these days, the only conclusion I can come to is that I desperately long for Jesus to be King. But until that day, how do I interact with this terribly broken worldly kingdom? How do I live in the truth of that kingdom and yet be a part of society and politics? I find myself wanting to politely excuse myself and lead a quiet life, doing good to others and letting what will happen, happen. Yet if good men do nothing?….

  2. Being a wife, mother, daughter, and friend is just about the most radical, social, and political thing a woman can do, and so is leading a quiet (peaceful) life, doing good to others, and letting what will happen, happen (which can be a way of trusting in God). But then, if and when God calls, go.

    Thanks for stopping by Axon. I hope you and yours are doing well.

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