Christianity and Art: Something Lost & Something to Gain

This is a good lecture. Christians should invest in the arts more. This is a big topic. There are no easy answers, except maybe to just embrace the arts, invest in the arts, encourage the arts, etc., etc. Anyway, listen to what he says. It’s good.

It’s a tragedy that Christianity, as a whole, has become largely irrelevant when it comes to the arts (even though there are many excellent Christian artists — or excellent artists who are Christian). And if this is the case, then Christianity is largely culturally irrelevant — not in terms of its content, but in terms of its reaching people and speaking to them meaningfully.

Truth, Goodness, and Beauty. If we have lost Beauty, can we really say at least we’ve still got Truth and Goodness? Probably not.

So maybe some of the content isn’t so good either.

Anyway, it can’t just be artists crying for support. They sound like whiners to everyone else, even though they are not. Others need to cry to, and then support the arts.

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